Door-to-Door International Express Delivery

Deliver your single package in a Digital Age with Geargag Shipment. All process conveniently integrated in ONE E-commerce platform.


Why choose Geargag Shipment?

Various Station

Actively select your delivery station in 03 large cities - Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City.

Fast Delivery Speed

Package transported within a day, your goods are guaranteed to arrive in the US within 10 working days.

No Requirement Minimum Order

Ensuring excellent service, competition regardless of the number of orders.

Order and Shipping Management

Integrated multi-channel sales management, easy to fulfill request and request shipping.

Automatic Pricing Estimate

Our automatic pricing estimate system will calculate the Express fee based on the size and weight of your package.

Online Tracking

We offer a clear and transparent tracking code system with regular updates that help you manage all your orders with ease.

Top E-Commerce brands choose Geargag Shipment


Price Calculator

Applied for door-to-door US

  • - Length is referred to the highest number of the cubic size of the parcel
  • - No service shall be rendered in the transportation of any parcels with an actual weight of more than 70 kilograms or exceed 115 x 75 x 75 (length x width x height) centimetres (cm)
  • - If the Dimensional weight (length x width x high/5000) is higher than Actual Weight, item will be shipped at Dimensional Weight.
  • - For more information, please refer to our Geargag Shipment terms & conditions here

How Geargag Shipment work?


Click Add new shipment product in Shipment menu to tell us about the items you would like to ship.


Create request shipment.


Wait for us to review requests, we will email you in 24 hours to let you know if they're approved or declined.


Ship us your products after we've approved them for warehousing.


You need to pay for the generated invoice by shipment order


We will email you with the tracking id.

Our commitment

  • Save up to 30% along with the cheapest price on market followed by guarantee tracking within the US within 10 working days, plus a refund policy.

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